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Winter is HERE

OK so I am a little bit late to the party.

Winter has arrived in New Zealand with temperatures plummeting and the sun refusing to come out!

I recently went on an insta-meet where we travelled to Methven and headed up to Mt Hutt for a morning sunrise mission.

It was ABSOLUTELY freezing at Mt Hutt in the morning and I stupidly forgot to bring gloves. Luckily for me the staff at Mt Hutt hooked it up so I was able to operate my camera without a few fingers falling off.

When we got to the top of the ski lift there was a pinkish glow as the sun was battling to pop out. The snow was half way up your shin in some patches and getting to the prime spot was tough.

Everyone rushed to their positions and whipped out their cameras or all shapes and sizes.

My camera (Gh5) was getting frost and snow all over it! Some of the other cameras were seizing up and not working but luckily for me my camera kept working (the lens starting fogging up - it was stressful haha)

We were planning to have a spa at the top of the Mountain but the winds were so cold that the staff suggested we shouldn't attempt it. I certainly was not keen to whip the speedos out in a hurry.

We grabbed some delicious breakfast from a local spot (info in the video) then headed to the insta meet 'Talk'.

Polkadot Passort aka Nicola shared some of her secrets about content creation, working with brands and how to stand out from the crowd. She was so lovely!

I then jumped back into the car and started the trip home. The two creators that I was travelling with (Jillian and Ryan) wanted to stop off and grab some snaps somewhere along the way so we found a nice row of trees to get some 'bangers' for instagram.

A massive thanks to ChristchurchNZ and Mt Hutt for hosting us on the trip.


I love connecting with like minded people and getting the creative juices flowing.

The next blog post (coming in the next 2 weeks) is going to be about 'Things to do on a Rainy day!" I think Cantabrians will need that one after the weather we have been having lately .

THE VLOG of the trip! -

Polkadot Passport getting the shot
Polkadot Passport getting the shot

Take care, Dave


ChristchurchNZ have created a bunch of articles and links to some activities going on in the city if that is your cup of tea.

Polkadot Passport Website

Ryan and Jillian

My Winter essentials

A good beanie

A warm rain proof jacket

Lemsip (For when the man flu hits)

Weather sealed camera gear!


Waterproof boots/shoes

Warm socks

Earpods (to go under the beanie!)

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