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Not much BREAD but a lot of CIRCUS... - Bread and Circus Buskers Festival Highlights

Hi team!

It has been a flippin long time between blogs but I am BACK BABY!

The Bread and Circus Buskers Festival is a massive event on the Christchurch calendar and this year was no exception!

Due to Covid, This years festival was called the Bread and Circus 'backyard' buskers festival and was lacking a bunch of hand-picked international artists from all over the world that make the trip to little old NZ. When I began chatting to some of the performers this year I realised that many of them are typically working across the world somewhere and were home due to covid anyway..

I was the videographer for the festival and luckily for me, I managed to watch a bunch of shows and capture some of the action!



This was a new addition to the festival where the Strut and Fret team decided to host Buskers at private parties at peoples houses..

If you wanted a Garden party at your place you needed to submit an entry on their website!

There were four Garden parties at different houses all over the city and they were such a hit!

What a fantastic experience and such a cool way to have a cheeky party at your place with some world class performers.

Here are a few Screen grab frames from some of the performances!

(The Haka after the Troy Kingi performance was pretty amazing)


Now this one really caught me by surprise...

New Regent Street is a pretty iconic street in Christchurch and when I was asked to capture this event I really didn't know what to expect.

There were performers coming from everywhere, a tram, singers popping out of windows, crowds holding up their phones and tables flying in the air.

Here is a peek of some of the action!


The street shows are the HEART of the festival. A classic family favourite and always a surprise. Some acts you will love and others not some much.

After a weekend of exploring the city and watching some street shows you slowly pick up a few favourites.

My personal fav from this year was Fraser Hooper. I don't know why but he just makes me laugh so much (typically at an audience members expense 🤣)

And last but not least....


These events were a bunch of fun... and booze.

I popped in to say Hi to both of these tours and the groups were always having a great time!

These events sold out pretty darn quick and I can see why.

A day filled with local beer or wine, good food and some fun buskers along the way.

Next year if this sounds like your cuppa tea I highly recommend grabbing a friend or three and grabbing some tickets!

Here is a peek at the Brewery tour :)

Overall this festival was a BUNCH of fun!

Such an incredible asset to this city and I am glad that I am involved.

I want to quickly shoutout Dolan the Marketing Maestro and Jess the Event Coordinator from Melbourne based company Strut and Fret. I love your work team!

The final recap video is being edited this week and will be out soon!



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