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Being your own Boss

I am now a few months in to this whole Freelancer/Entrepreneur thing and thought I would reflect on how it has been.

Firstly.. If I was not passionate about my chosen profession I would be stuffed!

Getting up when you want, booking meetings and working with clients all can be done whenever you want. This can be dangerous if you are lazy or unmotivated as the days can just fly by as you sleep in till midday and play xbox until 2 in the morning.


I have been earning some dough and the business gets "paid". I have not mastered yet how much of that pay comes across to my own account to pay for food, petrol, bills.

At the moment its like this...

OHHHH I need money to pay for groceries...

'Jumps on Westpac to pay myself'

I don't really know how I should do things but really don't want to take too much out of the business and then be left with nothing!


At the moment I am juggling the Vlog life with the commercial projects. I spend very little time and effort on my personal content (colour correction, grading, music selection etc)

and on the flip side I want to create something AWESOME for my commercial clients. This balance is refreshing because I am a firm believer that 'Done is better than Perfect.' You can spend 1000 hours on something for the smallest minor tweak and sure sometimes that needs to be done but I believe in this industry things are moving QUICKLY... So getting things done, learning from the customer and audience response and improving for next time is the way to go.

This video from Peter Mckinnon was pretty refreshing and inspiring. An awesome message!


I don't mean sit on a cactus... I really mean that putting yourself into situations that are uncomfortable can help you grow your business. Talking to that stranger, sending that email, holding your camera out in public.

I will give you an example... A few months back I was asked by the Ministry of Awesome to speak at one of their Coffee and Jam events. I immediately was apprehensive (What would I say, how would they respond?!) But I said YES and booked in my slot for a practice session where the team at the Ministry of Awesome meet me and discuss my 'pitch'. One week later I was presenting to a group of 50 people and it was pretty nerve racking but afterwards I felt amazing!

Hope all is well in your world!

Feedback on what you would like me to talk about would be appreciated :)


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